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Six Week Transformation

Model, 22

"I wanted to lose weight and gain muscle so I started training three to four times a week. So far I'm really happy and feel like I'm on the right track. As a personal trainer, Ep is very professional and always up to date with new training techniques; he always creates new workouts that he moulds to the client & their goal. Results guaranteed! 

Eight Week Transformation


Epiphane K, IFBB athlete, certified personal trainer, strength training, weight loss, muscle mass increase, Basic Fit Gare Central, Basic Fit George Henri, Gribaumont, Personal training Brussels

Epiphane's sessions are stimulating, challenging and over all excellent. The workouts are always varied with different exercises so you never get bored. As a trainer he is extremely focused on his clients and always gives me 100 percent of his attention during the session.

Also, I live with Type 1 Diabetes, which complicates my workouts a little bit, but Epiphane is always prepared and extremely responsive; he monitors my blood sugar level when the workouts are more vigorous and always has liquid dextrose on him in case my blood sugar drops. This has really put me at ease.


I started working out in July 2017. In three months I lost 7.5 Kilos (66.5 to 59KG) and went from wearing M/L sizes to M/S (40/42 to 36/38). I continue to work out with Epiphane in order to increase my muscle tone and get stronger and I am sure that with him I will achieve my goal without a doubt!  He is smart, kind, discreet, polite and professional; he does his job very well and it’s a pleasure to work with him.  

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