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Traveling abroad? Busy schedule? Prefer working out on your own? Online Coaching offers a more flexible and affordable way to meet your fitness goals.


Coach Epiphane offers a variety of programs, including meal plans and workouts,

both standard and personalised

“My belief is that each person has a different body that will react differently. Once we begin training together, I will create and guide you through a personalised program based on your goals; every three weeks we will adapt the program depending on your progress and development. In addition, I will, of course, always be available, through out your training, via e-mail or message to answer any questions you might have.” 


  • Personalised work out

  • Personalised meal plan                       (including calorie  & macronutrient intake)

  • Scheduled follow up conversation (via viber, skype, FaceTime, whatsapp, etc.) once every three weeks to talk about your progress and adapt the program

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